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Royal White Silver Needle Tea...

  HIGH QUALITY – Extra Special High-Grade Ceylon Silver Tip White Tea FLORAL, LIGHT, & DELICIOUS SILVER NEEDLE WHITE TEA LEAVES – An aromatic, naturally sweet, robust & rich leafy Ceylon silver tipped white tea directly from high elevation mountain tea estates in Sri Lanka. Only the finest silver leaves hand-plucked, prepared and presented to you by Ceylon Master Teamen.                                                                             WHITE TEA                                                           WORLDS FINEST TEA AND SPICES! HANDPICKED WHITE TEA FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT – Expert tea leaf pickers and trusted growers select only the finest white tea leaves from the top tea growing regions of Ceylon and deliver them to you. A truly amazing farm to cup journey that results in the freshest and tastiest products possible. No artificial flavors, additives, and ingredients. SUSTAINABLE, ETHICAL & FAIR TRADE – Elephant Chateau silver tipped white tea is produced in an
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Black Tea! The World's Premiere Ceylon Tea...

DELICIOUS, STRONG, & BOLD BLACK TEA LEAVES – An aromatic, robust & rich leafy Ceylon black tea directly from high elevation tea estates in Sri Lanka. Only the finest leaves hand plucked, prepared, and presented to you by Ceylon Master Teamen. TRULY THE FINEST – At Elephant Chateau , we know the best of the best, we’ve worked with the finest traditional Ceylon farmers for centuries and now offer these luxury teas, spices & ingredients directly to you without delay or middlemen. You may be surprised by the remarkable difference in quality, taste, and freshness when comparing our teas to Twinings, Celestial Seasonings, Numi, Tazo Good Earth, Harney & Sons, Lipton, Teavana, Taylors of Harrogate, & Bigelow. "FLOWERY CEYLON BLACK TEA"

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